Recruitment & Training
(1) Workforce Planning, Hiring and Placement​;
(2)Training Needs Analysis and Training Facilitation
Fitness, Finance & Wellness Coaching
Personal Developmental Support for individuals and families in achieving wellness in a customized and/or wholistic perspective of freedom, health, balanced lifestyle and wellness.
Career Coaching
(1) Resume Writing and
(2) Interviewing Skills
Immigration, Language and Culture Adaptation
Team Building & Change Management
(1) Leadership​, Team Building and Effective Communication
(2) Assessment and Training

(3) Cultural and Employee Engagement Transformation
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By hiring, training and coaching, Joy of HR helps build careers, coaches on self-care and facilitate strategies for financial wellness. Human Resources Leadership is more than just career; it's a life's mission -- providing holistic approach for promoting wellness in every aspect of being human.

Joy of HR advocates for leveling the playing field for reaching aspired career, health, finance and life. It promotes channels of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for everyone's equal access to justice, rewarding financial investment returns, protection for families from risks in physical & psychological health, disability and life overall.

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Joy Lumanog, MBA, PCP, CPHR has about 
17+ years of combined HR Management work experience across multiple industries.
Licensed Financial Educator (Insurance and Investments); LegalShield Associate
Certified CPHR (Chartered Professional in HR); Certified PCP (Payroll Compliance Practitioner)
Coached and mentored leadership & management teams in employee/labour relations resolutions, talent acquisition strategies, performance management and leadership best practices, compensation equity evaluation and proactive succession planning, training and development, recognition/rewards philosophy and high performance culture-building, workforce diversity management, employee engagement and retention initiatives, etc.

Joy has handled M&A’s, start-ups, change management, and restructuring-focused transitions; Applied proactive planning and optimization programs that led to notable increase in morale and productivity levels / operational efficiencies. Increased employee engagement scores from 40% to 60% (within less than a year) using collaborative and holistic consultative approach.

Joy's Daily Mantra: "Nurture Oneself: Body, Mind and Soul. Everything comes together. We are only as good as how we think and how we treat ourselves. Stay motivated and positive. Stay grateful."


I hire, train and coach. I match talent with the right opportunity and promote business sustainability. 

I surround myself with people who seek to be the best version of themselves. 

Attract. Engage. Develop. Repeat.

--- Joy Lumanog, MBA, PCP, CPHR

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