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3 Major Daily Questions

Everyday, I ask myself these three questions and I do not have to answer them right away. I simply encourage my mind and "my universe" to keep leading me to the right path...

Do you believe in the power of the universe? We use different terms. I could say the power of one's energy, vibration, intentions, or any other expression, but you get the gist! Here are my favorite questions I ask myself everyday as soon as I wake up and before I end my day.

With no further ado, here are the questions I share and take the challenge with you:

(1) What are the possibilities?
(2) How can I make things better?
(3) What does it take to get there?

I should acknowledge that I learned these questions from one of the YouTube posts of life coach Andrew Canoli very loooong time ago. This is timeless and priceless advice in life. Keep going, everyone! Take care and stay well, always!!!

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