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Welcome to exceptional service in recruitment, career coaching and Human Resource consulting. For achieving efficiency and quality results, Joy of HR works with a large network of colleagues North America wide in sourcing for industry specific top talent.

With extensive experience in staffing, developing and retaining workforce, and with a proven track record building teams for Fortune 500 companies, Joy of HR is the smart choice for applicants and employers!

Joy of HR


Our vision is to be the leading industry-based Recruitment and HR Consulting agency by providing unparalleled support to businesses, teams and individuals,

ultimately creating best employers and top talent.

Our mission is to build meaningful careers for professionals and develop powerhouse teams for all businesses across Canada and USA. 


Our values are reflected in our high performance-based culture and philosophy that

promote and protect safety,  respect, openness, and integrity.


Joy of HR provides quality services to

(1) organizations as employers looking to hire and competitively lead human resources,

and to (2) individuals as applicants looking to transform their careers.

As a strategic Staffing and HR Consultant, Joy of HR provides services in recruitment,  training and development, including change management, retention and leadership solutions that establish sustainable and effective high performance cultures,

low turnover rates; and therefore, create best employers.

Your solid support 
to hire, train, and coach.

Joy of HR aims to build meaningful careers for professionals

and develop powerhouse teams for all businesses across Canada and USA. 


"One's key to success lies in working with organizations that promote and protect values of safety,  respect, openness, and integrity. Together, we attract, engage, develop, repeat."

Joy Lumanog, MBA, CPHR

From hiring to advancing human resources, Joy of HR provides

quality solutions for individuals and teams!


Clement Owoyele, PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP
Project Controls, Power, Energy, Oil & Gas, Schneider Electric

Only a few recruiters can handle interpersonal relation as Joy can. With Joy’s training and years of work experience, She knows how to source and hire the right professionals for team’s expansion. She’s loving, peaceful and well spoken. Without any reservations, I will recommend her to any organization or individual that may require her service in the field of HR and recruitment. 

Charmaine Hammond, MA, CSP
Executive Producer, Speaker & Trainer on Developing People & Culture,
Conflict Resolution, Resilience, Collaboration, Supplier Diversity

I have had the pleasure of working on several project with Joy through the Women in Leadership Vancouver. Joy's commitment to providing emerging and seasoned leaders with mentoring, training and peer support is respected by many. From start to finish Joy was a true professional to work with. At the events I attended that Joy coordinated I very much appreciated the support to speakers, and the engaging culture and tone that Joy set for the group. I am happy to recommend Joy!

Scott Dixon, M. Ed., CTDP
Learning Architect & Educator, Health, Safety & Environment Standards and Best Practice
Senior Instructor & Facilitator, Training and Development, MTU Maintenance Canada Ltd.


I was very impressed with Joy’s positive attitude and  her spirit of enthusiasm.  She cleverly engaged with her coworkers in a way I have not seen in others. She is a leader that inspires others, and she left a lasting impression on myself and my coworkers at MTU. I am happy to endorse Joy,  and know that she would not only be an asset, but a keystone in any role she lands in.

Juan F. Yepes, Workplace Health and Safety Manager
USA and Canada Operations, AVEVA Software

Joy helped me get the job I'm in today, she never gave up on me or let me down, even when the odds were not favorable for me. From my experience with her, I can tell that there is no recruiter more dedicated and passionate than Joy Lumanog. I have never met another recruiter who operates with as much of a sense of purpose and has as much energy and enthusiasm as Joy.  She genuinely cares about her clients. She finds a way to make every situation a win-win situation for all parties involved. On top of that, she is a person of integrity and strong ethical standards. If you’re seeking to reach your career potential, or if you are trying to find the best talent for your company, you have to contact Joy Lumanog.

Robert McComber, Senior Director, Information Security, Sierra Wireless

I had the opportunity to work with Joy for several years in several different capacities, and came away with great respect for her skills and her professional attitude. Joy always takes her responsibilities seriously, acting as a champion for the individuals she represents and support, and demonstrates both kindness and integrity. She never hesitates to go the extra mile, seeking guidance where she needs it, and using her connections to engage people from around the company to get a task completed. As an HR professional, I think Joy embodies many of the best attributes we all look for.

Bojan Kriznar, Energy Management Solutions Engineer, Schneider Electric

I have to say, of all of the recruiters I’ve spoken with over my career, you (Joy Lumanog) are absolutely the most professional and ‘on top of it’ with your follow up. Thank you.

James D. Mathieson, Lead - Gas Turbine Engine NDT, Machining, Welding
MTU Maintenance Canada Ltd.

Joy was a pleasure to work with, very time management orientated, positive attitude, great presenter, her commitment and positivity was always respected by the team and she was as dynamic working solo or with a team, great professional who gets things done and is not afraid of commitment.

Matthew Roberts, Senior Project Manager, Generation, FortisBC

Joy was a pleasure to work with as she always maintained an optimistic and professional approach. She delivered a high quality of work with strong, clear and quality communication skills. 

Darrin Holbein, MBA, CHSP, EHS
Incident Investigation, Safety, Ergonomics, RCRA, Risk Assessments, 14001, 18001, 9001, COR

Very polite, kind and professional. Disciplined and customer-centered. When asked questions or tasked with a project, she's always cordial and the delivery of her work is thorough, crisp and complete. Promising and value add to whatever team she joins. 

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